Where is svalbard norway

Is Svalbard a part of Norway?

Svalbard , (Old Norse: “Cold Coast”) archipelago, part of Norway , located in the Arctic Ocean well north of the Arctic Circle. The islands lie between longitude 10° and 35° E and latitude 74° and 81° N, about 580 miles (930 km) north of Tromsø, Norway .

Which country is Svalbard in?


How far is Svalbard from Norway?

Svalbard is a Norwegian group of islands located in the Arctic Ocean north of continental Norway, about 650 miles (1,050 kilometers) from the North Pole. It is the northernmost year-round settlement on Earth, with a population of about 2,200.

Why is Svalbard important?

Svalbard , a High-Arctic archipelago over which Norway practises sovereignty in accordance with the terms of the Svalbard Treaty, has become an increasingly important area for Arctic research and higher education.

Is it illegal to die in Norway?

It is not illegal to die in the town of Longyearbyen, Norway . There are simply no options for burial there, and terminally ill residents are flown to Oslo to live their last days.

Does Svalbard have Internet?

The Internet connection in Svalbard is top class, courtesy of NASA renting bulk capacity on undersea fibre optic cables running at seabed to mainland Norway for its experiments. Longyearbyen has several public Internet terminals.

Who lives on Svalbard?

In 2016, Svalbard had a population of 2,667, of which 423 were Russian and Ukrainian, 10 Polish, and 322 non-Norwegians living in Norwegian settlements.

Is Svalbard safe?

The main settlement of Longyearbyen is comparatively safe to the rest of the archipelago but there are still significant dangers. Polar bears are unlikely to enter the settlement itself but it can and does happen. Be on your guard especially in the dark season.

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Do they speak English in Svalbard?

The official language is Norwegian. However, nearly everyone speaks English . In Barentsburg Russian and Ukrainian are spoken .

Is it worth going to Svalbard?

And it’s not just the wild landscapes that make this frozen archipelago so special; it’s very remote and very expensive to visit. But despite the significant costs involved and the time it takes to get there, Svalbard is 100% worth a visit.

How much is a trip to Svalbard?

Yep, Svalbard is expensive. But if you don’t include our flights, it was $93.53 per person per day, which really isn’t SO terrible. Our free accommodation was HUGE. Hotels in Svalbard aren’t cheap, especially if you don’t want to share a bathroom.

How much does it cost to live in Svalbard?

The cost of living in Svalbard is approximately the same as in the rest of Norway. Stipulated costs for accommodation and food is approximately NOK 10 000 per month.

What is the largest northernmost city in the world?


How was Svalbard created?

The earth’s crust fractured during the Cretaceous Period and a rift system formed which would subsequently develop into the Atlantic Ocean. The whole of the Svalbard region became a land area in the Late Cretaceous. The heavy masses of ice on land depressed the Earth’s crust and the sea partly invaded the land.

Does Russia own Svalbard?

Since 1932 the Russian state- owned Arktikugol Trust ( Russian for “Arctic Coal”) has been operating on Svalbard and the main economic activity in Barentsburg is coal mining by Arktikugol. The town relies entirely on mainland Russia for food and coinage. Norway

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