Troms county, norway

What is Tromso Norway known for?

Tromsø is the eighth-largest municipality in Norway with a population of 71,590, and the centre of the ninth-largest urban area, with a population of about 65,000. The city is home to the world’s northernmost university and also houses the northernmost botanical garden and planetarium.

What is the most northerly town in Norway?


What biome is Tromso Norway?

boreal rain forest biome

How far is Tromso from North Pole?

2200 km

Is 2020 a good year to see Northern Lights?

During the winter of 2020 , the Northern Lights viewing was typical for a solar minimum year . But from 2020 onwards, there will be a slow ramp-up in solar activity, and auroras should increase in frequency, peaking in 2024/2025 with the Solar Maximum. Read more about where to see the Northern lights here.

Is Tromso worth visiting?

It is a Friendly, Lively, and Convenient City The city offers all modern conveniences and has a wide range of hotels and restaurants, making a stay there very comfortable—which is probably just what you need after a day exploring the Arctic landscape or hunting down the Northern Lights.

Who lives on Svalbard?

In 2016, Svalbard had a population of 2,667, of which 423 were Russian and Ukrainian, 10 Polish, and 322 non-Norwegians living in Norwegian settlements.

What is the midnight sun in Norway?

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle – including Northern Norway . The earth is rotating at a tilted axis relative to the sun , and during the summer months, the North Pole is angled towards our star.

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What is the most northernmost city in the world?


Can you see the Northern Lights in Tromso?

Northern lights in Tromsø Tromsø is located in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, which is the area in the world with the highest probability of seeing the green lady. There are so many different activities you can book to enjoy that take place in the evening and have a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights .

How big is Tromso?

2,521 km²

Why Norway is so expensive?

“Norwegians get a lot for their money. Norway is so expensive because it has productive workers who can be used for work that produces many valuable products in a short time. Hourly rates of pay in Norway are high. Because most products and services entail the application of manpower, labour costs are high in Norway .

Is Tromso safe at night?

Tromsø is fairly safe , I would not worry about walking around alone, before or after midnight . Obviously, bad things can happen anywhere, so just be alert and use common sense, and there should not be a problem. I would say the entire of Norway is generally very safe for women travelling alone.

How many days should I spend in Tromso?

5-6 days Norway

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