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Are trains expensive in Norway?

If you’re planning on taking trains in Norway , please, please book them as far in advance as you can! Trains here can be really expensive , but if you book your tickets in advance you can buy the Minipris tickets, which usually cost around 200 – 300 NOK for the entire route.

Are trains running in Norway?

Regular Trains : NSB Regional trains run hourly on the Trunk, Vestfold and Østfold lines. Commuter trains run on many lines connected with Arendal, Bergen, Oslo, Skien, Stavanger and Trondheim Norwegian cities. Commuter trains operate hourly or semi-hourly. Read more about NSB trains .

How much are trains in Norway?

For example, a single ticket for the Oslo to Bergen railway bought on the day of travel currently costs 964 kroner. If you buy your ticket at least 24 hours in advance, you qualify for minipris fares.

Where can I go from Oslo by train?

The Coolest Train Trips You Can Make From Oslo Sentralstasjon Destination: Bergen; duration: seven hours. Destination: Finse; duration: four hours, 20 minutes. Destination: Kongsberg; duration: one hour, 15 minutes. Destination: Fredrikstad; duration: one hour, eight minutes. Destination: Kristiansand; duration: four hours, 38 minutes.

How much is a cup of coffee in Norway?

Drink prices in Norway Coffee or tea costs 25-30 NOK/ 3-4 EUR. Cappuccino or late costs 40-50 NOK / 5-6 EUR. Beer prices at a café usually start around 70-80 NOK/ 8-9 EUR.

Do you tip in Norway?

Tipping in Norway isn’t customary, but it is considered a nice gesture to round up the bill to the nearest 10 or 100 NOK for service that exceeds expectations. Tipping in Norway is completely voluntary and the how much to leave for a job well done is completely up to you .

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How do I buy a train ticket in Norway?

The easiest and often cheapest way to book tickets is online on Vy’s website or with the travel planner Entur, that also gives you travel suggestions for all kinds of public transportation in Norway . It is also possible to buy tickets from automated machines at most main stations, at ticket counters, and on board.

How much is train ride from Oslo to Bergen?

Prices start at 249 NOK while the full fare is 913 NOK ( prices will increase as the cheaper tickets are sold until only full fare tickets are left). And this train line frequently sells out, so delaying until the day of departure can leave you left at the station as the train departs as all seats are sold.

Is the train from Bergen to Oslo scenic?

The journey takes about 7 hours with amazing scenery and different landscapes. The seat is comfortable but the wifi does not work very well with intermittent disconnection. Try to get a seat on the left side.

How can I travel to Norway cheaply?

Norway on a budget : how to save money travelling in Norway 1 | Fly with a budget airline. 2 | Travel Independently. 3 | Book buses and trains in advance. 4 | Wild Camp. 5 | Stay in tents and cabins at campsites. 6 | Bring basic food supplies and shop in low cost supermarkets. 7 | Cook instead of eating out. 6 | Drink tap water.

Can you drink on trains in Norway?

over a year ago. Yes you can bring food on the train , but alcohol , if you bring then you must sit in the pantry. You can bring food but not sure about alcohol . There is a dining car as well and alcohol served has to be consumed in the dining car.

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Is there a train from Kirkenes to Oslo?

There is no direct connection from Kirkenes to Oslo . However, you can take the line 64 bus to Kirkenes lufthavn Høybuktmoen, take the walk to Kirkenes airport, fly to Oslo , take the walk to Oslo lufthavn stasjon, then take the train to Oslo .

Is Oslo worth visiting?

Oslo is a unique city which combines city life with easy access to nature. It’s a great place to explore because of its unique architecture, abundant cultural attractions, great food, diverse shopping experiences, stunning scenery, healthy living and opportunities for sport.

How long is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen?

about seven hours

How do I buy train tickets in Oslo?

You can buy all our tickets and obtain a travelcard at the following sales outlets: The kiosks Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli De Luca and Mix, as well as some selected shops. Our customer service centre Ruter S and Service Points. Staffed train stations (365-day ticket not available). Norway

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