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How many hours of daylight does Bergen Norway have?

Bergen, Norway — Sunrise, Sunset, and Moon Times for Today

Current Time: Nov 13, 2020 at 4:11:46 am
Sunset Today: 4:08 pm↑ 232° Southwest
Moonrise Today: 6:55 am↑ 113° Southeast
Moonset Today: 4:14 pm↑ 242° Southwest
Daylight Hours : 7 hours , 31 minutes (-4m 49s)

How many hours of daylight does Norway have?

In Dezember a night in Oslo lasts almost 18 hours . Sunrise and sunset in the most important cities of Norway .

City Oslo
Sunrise 08:20 am
Sunset 03:44 pm
Hours of daylight 7:24 h

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How many hours of daylight in Bergen in December?

Daylight . December has the shortest days of the year in Bergen , with an average of 5.9h of daylight .

What time does it get dark in Norway in May?

May 2020 — Sun in Oslo

2020 Sunrise/Sunset
May Sunrise Sunset
19 4:30 am ↑ 9:58 pm ↑
20 4:28 am ↑ 10:00 pm ↑
21 4:26 am ↑ 10:02 pm ↑

Which country has no night?


Is it dark for 6 months in Norway?

At the Arctic Pole the midnight sun can be seen for six months at a time, continuously and without a break. The further you move south, the less time the midnight sun is visible for; in northern Norway it can be seen from late April until August.

What is the shortest day in Norway?

December Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 11:02 am in Oslo. In terms of daylight, this day is 12 hours, 56 minutes shorter than on June Solstice.

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Which country has longest day in the world?


Which country has 40 minutes night?


What months are dark in Norway?

November , December, and January are dark months in all of Norway though, unlike the north, southern Norway does continue to see sun during the winter months. It’s good to remember the limited daylight hours when planning out your days, though the darkness can also add to your winter experience in Norway.

Is there Midnight Sun in Oslo?

Although there is no real midnight sun south of the arctic circle (“polarsirkelen” in Norwegian), the sun is barely under the horizon at mid summer. This means that nights are very short even as far south as Oslo and Bergen, there is only an extended twilight at midnight .

Does Norway get dark in summer?

76 days of midnight sun between May and July greets travelers in Northern Norway . The further north you go , the more nights of midnight sun you get . During the summer months, you can experience up to 24 hours of sunlight above the Arctic Circle, which means more time to enjoy the sights and make new discoveries. Norway

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