Norway lakes

Which is the deepest lake in Europe?

Hornindalsvat- net

What country in Europe has the most lakes?


How many fjords are there in Norway?

1,190 fjords

Do fjords have tides?

Several fjords have narrow straits or entrances that create strong tidal currents, such as the world’s strongest maelstrom at Saltstraumen (Bodø).

What is the oldest lake in Europe?

Lake Ohrid

What is the shallowest lake in the world?

Lakes ranked by maximum depth

Name Depth
1. Baikal 5,387
2. Tanganyika 4,823
3. ( Caspian Sea ) 3,363

What country has no lakes?

Vatican City

What country has most natural lakes?


Which country has the best lakes?


Can you swim in the Norwegian fjords?

In the summer time nothing beats a refreshing dip in the sea! In Fjord Norway you find white beaches, small coves but also swimming pools. The sea temperature can some places be above 20 degrees, and if you are really lucky with the weather you can even get the impression of being a lot further south.

Is Norway expensive for travel?

Because while yes, any Norway travel guide will tell you Norway is more expensive than a lot of other places, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively so. Norwegians are the first to admit that their country is really expensive , but the truth is most Norwegians can afford to live in Norway in an expensive way.

Which fjord is most beautiful Norway?


Why are fjords so loud?

Researchers have discovered that pressurised air bubbles trapped within the ice escape in a rush as it melts, making icy covered fjords some of the noisiest places in the ocean. They found that the sounds produced by ice floating in the seawater is louder than the sound of heavy rain on the surface of the water.

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Which country has the most fjords?


Why is the water in Norway so blue?

The water’s color is thanks to blooms of plankton called emiliania huxleyi that has grown so exponentially that the water’s color has changed. NASA explains that the shells of this plankton emit the color and that’s what has caused the shift in tone. Norway

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