Norway hardanger

What does Hardanger mean?

: embroidery of Norwegian origin worked over counted threads in a geometrical design.

Where is hardangerfjord Norway?


Which fruit tree is famous in hardangerfjord?

Fruit blossom in Hardanger is an experience people never forget! Ullensvang is a known fruit farming area, and in springtime thousands of fruit trees are breathtakingly white during blossom. Time of blossom varies from year to year, but there is usually blossom around 15th of May.

How do you get from Bergen to hardangerfjord?

The cheapest way to get from Bergen to Hardangerfjord is to bus which costs kr 35 – kr 60 and takes 1h 54m. What is the fastest way to get from Bergen to Hardangerfjord ? The quickest way to get from Bergen to Hardangerfjord is to bus which costs kr 35 – kr 60 and takes 1h 54m.

Where did Hardanger originate?

The exact origins of Hardanger embroidery are not known but it is thought to have its beginnings in ancient Persia and Asia. During the Renaissance, this early form of embroidery spread to Italy where it evolved into Italian Reticella and Venetian lacework.

What is the longest fjord in the world?

The longest fjord in the world is Scoresby Sund in Greenland (350 km), but the Western Norway region ( Fjord Norway ) boasts the next two spots on the list, with the Sognefjord (203 km), and the Hardanger Fjord (179 km).

Where in Norway is trolltunga?


What does fjord mean?

A fjord is a long, deep, narrow body of water that reaches far inland. Fjords are often set in a U-shaped valley with steep walls of rock on either side. Fjords are found mainly in Norway, Chile, New Zealand, Canada, Greenland, and the U.S. state of Alaska.

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How do I get to hardangerfjord?

Hardanger is a five-hour drive from Oslo, and a one-hour drive from Bergen. The area is easily accessed by car or public transport. The nearest international airports are in Bergen (BGO) and Haugesund (HAU). Norway

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