Norway customs

What are some customs in Norway?

Here are 11 of Norway’s unique customs . They see me rollin’… A bit of blood and gore at Easter. Eating brown cheese on waffles. Requiring endless amounts of personal space in public. Taco: the national dish. Spending a lot of money on ‘bunads’ Not introducing friends to one another.

What are the customs and traditions of Norway?

Norway’s food traditions show the influence of sea farming and farming the land, traditions with salmon, herring, trout, cod, and other sea food, balanced by cheese, dairy products and breads. Lefse is a common Norwegian wheat or potato flatbread, eaten around Christmas.

What can I bring into Norway?

Customs and regulations A limited amount of alcohol and tobacco. Meat, meat products, cheese and foodstuffs except dog and cat food, totalling 22 pounds altogether from EU/EEA countries. Norwegian and foreign bank notes and coins at a total value of NOK 25,000.

Do I need a customs declaration for Norway?

Although Norway isn’t in the EU, it still qualifies for the free movement of goods, which means you won’t need to provide a customs declaration when you send a parcel to Norway . However, there are a few prohibited items you should be aware of: Meat and dairy from none-European Economic Area countries.

What is the language of Norway?


How do Norwegians greet each other?

Language Tip In formal situations, Norwegian people commonly greet each other by shaking hands. On the other hand, if we meet someone we are very friendly with and of the same gender, it’s common to give hugs.

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What is the traditional clothing in Norway?

culture of Norway The national costume, the bunad, is characterized by double-shuttle woven wool skirts or dresses for women, accompanied by jackets with scarves. Colourful accessories (e.g., purses and shoes) complete the outfit.

What’s unique about Norway?

25 Fascinating Facts About Norway The world’s longest road tunnel is in Norway . The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo. The world’s most remote island is a Norwegian territory. Norway has a land border with Russia. Kirkenes is farther east than all of Finland. Norway is home to Hell. Norway introduced salmon sushi to Japan.

What kind of society is Norway?

Norway is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The country is governed by a prime minister, a cabinet, and a 169-seat parliament (Storting) that is elected every four years and cannot be dissolved.

What should I wear in Norway?

Wear layers of thermal underwear and wool sweaters, thermal leggings and snow pants, really warm socks, good shoes, windproof jacket, a hat, warm gloves, and also hand warmers.

Can you buy beer on Sunday in Norway?

Regardless of the opening hours of an individual store, all supermarkets have limited hours in which they can sell alcohol . After 8pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturdays, and all day Sundays , only licensed bars and clubs are permitted to sell alcohol .

What is the duty free allowance for Norway?

Overview. The following items can be imported into Norway without incurring customs duty : 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco products and 200 leaves of cigarette paper. 1L of spirits over 22% volume and 1.5L wine less than 22% volume and 2L of beer up to 4.7% volume.

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How much does shipping to Norway cost?

Prices from

Weight Price Service
5lb $57.81 International Drop Off
10lb $79.64 EMS Parcel Post
20lb $116.65 EMS Parcel Post
30lb $147.35 International Drop Off

Can I post chocolate to Norway?

So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question. Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also tough to send as they are likely to melt in a hot weather or shipping depots in Norway that are not always air conditioned.

Can I send a parcel to Norway?

For letters, parcels , pallets or bulky items you can ship to Norway or import from Norway . We can offer unbeatable prices, reduced by as much as 75% with the shipping firms DHL, UPS and FedEx. To send your parcels to Norway , it only takes a few clicks with ! Norway

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