Northern norway

Where is Northern Norway?

Northern Norway

Northern Norway Nord-Norge (Bokmål) Nord-Noreg (Nynorsk) Davvi-Norga ( Northern Sami)
Country Norway
Capitals Tromsø, Bodø, Vadsø
Counties (fylker, fylke) Nordland Troms og Finnmark

What is the most northerly town in Norway?


Is Norway above the Arctic Circle?

Arctic Norway ( Norwegian : Det arktiske Norge) comprises the northernmost parts of Norway that lie above the Arctic circle . Norway , being one of the most stretched-out countries in the world, reaches from approximately 58°N to 81°N, so large parts lie north of the Arctic circle at 66°33′.

When can you see northern lights in Norway?

Northern Lights season in Norway November through March is the absolute peak season for Northern Lights viewing because the nights are longest, but a visit anytime between September and March should give you a good chance to see them, with March offering the best chance of clear skies.

Which airport in Norway has the Northern Lights?

Tromso Lagnes Airport

Is Svalbard in Europe?

Situated north of mainland Europe , it is about midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. The Svalbard Treaty of 1920 recognizes Norwegian sovereignty, and the 1925 Svalbard Act made Svalbard a full part of the Kingdom of Norway.

What is the most north town in the world?


What is the most northern country in the world?


What is the world’s most northern capital city?


Are there polar bears in Norway?

The Svalbard Archipelago, situated in the Arctic Ocean north of mainland Norway , is one of the few places in the world where you can see polar bears in the wild.

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What city is closest to the Arctic Circle?


Is the North Pole in Norway?

The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole .

Is Finland or Norway better for Northern Lights?

Norway is undoubtedly the best place for seeing the northern lights in Scandinavia, especially if you want to capture the aurora dancing above spectacular fjords and waterfalls. However, Sweden and Finland are both great options if you want to see the northern lights on a smaller budget.

Is Norway or Iceland better for Northern Lights?

How to increase your chances of seeing the Aurora in Norway : Similarly to Iceland , the further north, the better . While the Lofoten Islands and Bodø can invite to some truly amazing Northern Lights displays, your chances of seeing a really strong Aurora might be even better in Tromsø or Alta.

Why is Norway so expensive?

“Norwegians get a lot for their money. Norway is so expensive because it has productive workers who can be used for work that produces many valuable products in a short time. Hourly rates of pay in Norway are high. Because most products and services entail the application of manpower, labour costs are high in Norway . Norway

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