Nordkapp norway

Is Nordkapp worth visiting?

Agree that Nordkapp is not worth it . Some great linking there, some jawdropping beautiful country! Don’t go there; it is too touristy and expensive. And it is a looooong drive from Oslo, estimate 2–3 days one way if you only stop for sleeping and eating without any sightseeing.

What is the most northern point in Norway?


How do I get to Nordkapp Norway?

To get to Nordkapp from there, you can drive, take a cruise, a train, or a bus, and you can also fly to Alta or Hammerstad. Choosing one of these options depends on your time and budget. Having done it ourselves, we are big believers in seeing Norway on a cruise.

How far is Nordkapp from the Arctic Circle?

The total distance is around 4,200 kilometres (2,600 mi). The first stage of the 2014 Arctic Race of Norway was held on North Cape on 14 August 2014.

Does it get dark in Norway in the summer?

Located over 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø, Norway , is home to extreme light variation between seasons. During the Polar Night, which lasts from November to January, the sun doesn’t rise at all. Then the days get progressively longer until the Midnight Sun period, from May to July , when it never sets.

What country is the most northern point of Europe?

Mainland Europe Northernmost point. Cape Nordkinn ( Kinnarodden ), Norway (71°08′02″N 27°39′00″E) Southernmost point. Punta de Tarifa, Spain (36° 00′ 15″ N) Westernmost point. Cabo da Roca, Portugal (9°29’56.44 W). Easternmost point.

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How far is Nordkapp from the North Pole?

1,302.28 mi

How far is honningsvag from the North Pole?

1,314.84 mi

What is the distance to the North Pole?

10,002 kilometres. The original definition of a kilometre was 1/10,000 of the distance from the equator to the North Pole , but measurements have improved. Easy, there are 90 degrees of distance from the equator to the North Pole . Norway

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