Latitude norway

What parallel is Norway on?

69th parallel north

What countries are at 40 degrees latitude?

The 40th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 40 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
40°0′N 45°36′E Azerbaijan Passing through Nagorno-Karabakh
40°0′N 49°27′E Caspian Sea
40°0′N 52°46′E Turkmenistan
40°0′N 62°26′E Uzbekistan

Which countries covers maximum latitude?

The top five countries with the maximum number of latitudes passing through them are: United States – 17°N to 22°N*, 25°N to 49°N**, and 52°N to 71°N*** → 51 lines of latitude. Canada – 42°N to 83°N → 42 lines of latitude. Russia – 42°N to 81°N → 40 lines of latitude.

What is the highest latitude?


Which part of the world can Norway be found?

northern Europe

What are the major landforms in Norway?

Some major land forms of Norway include, their mountains , glaciers and rivers plus oceans. The monstrous mountains are thousands of feet tall towering over cities and land. The mountains create canals for the water to flow through. The water comes from the glaciers that melted and became rivers hundreds of years ago.

What cities are at 35 degrees latitude?

World Cities at 35 Degrees North Latitude St Philip Neri Church. Oklahoma City , Oklahoma, USA — This city is located in the plains of the American Midwest and is subject to tornadoes and other extreme weather. National Oklahoma City Memorial. Xi’an Walls and Tower. Sensoji Temple.

Which country extends across the most longitudes?


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What cities are at 37 degrees latitude?

Landmarks on the 37th parallel include Santa Cruz, California; Gilroy, California; Madera, California; Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley; Colorado City , Arizona; the Four Corners at the intersection with the 32nd meridian west from Washington (the only place where four U.S. states meet at a point); Cairo, Illinois;

What is the latitude of Philippines?

12.8797° N, 121.7740° E

What countries are on the same latitude as New York?

If you’re in New York , you’re actually about the same latitude (a measure of how far north or south you are from the Equator) as sunny Madrid. Washington is roughly on par with Lisbon, Portugal. France is positioned even farther north, with Paris at a higher latitude than Quebec or Maine.

What countries are at 0 degrees latitude?

List of countries by latitude

Latitude Locations
São Tomé and Príncipe; Gabon; Republic of the Congo; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Uganda; Lake Victoria; Kenya; Somalia; Malaysia; Singapore; Indonesia; Galápagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador ; Colombia; Brazil

Is Latitude up and down?

40.7393° N, 74.0020° W

What is 0 latitude called?


Is latitude vertical or horizontal?

One measures the distance from the equator, the other from the Prime Meridian. This illustration of Earth is overlaid with a grid of latitude and longitude. The horizontal lines are latitude and the vertical lines are longitude. Norway

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