Atlantic road in norway

How do you get to the Atlantic Road in Norway?

How to get here By road . Follow route 64. By air. There are good connections to the two nearby towns Molde (MOL) and Kristiansund (KSU). By sea. The coastal steamer Hurtigruten arranges popular excursions on The Atlantic Road starting in Kristiansund and returning to Hurtigruten in Molde. By rail and bus.

Where in Norway is the Atlantic Road?


Where does the Atlantic road start?

It starts approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 kilometers north of Molde. It’s a very popular tourist attraction in the country. It was also designated a Cultural Heritage Site, is considered a National Tourist Route, and has been recognized as the Norwegian Construction of the Century.

Can a bridge be built across the Atlantic Ocean?

A standard road bridge across the Atlantic would be almost impossible to construct, ruinously expensive and wildly impractical. The biggest problem for construction is the sheer depth of the Atlantic . Even the deepest non-floating oilrigs don’t go down further than 550m.

How long is the Atlantic Road in Norway?

8.3 km

How many bridges are there in Norway?

In a mountainous country cut apart by deep fjords, bridge building is a virtue of necessity. Today the NPRA is responsible for 18 000 national and county bridges , valued at NOK 46 billion.

Is there a road in the ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean Road is a 5-mile stretch which runs across an archipelago of small Norwegian islands. It’s been named as Norway’s “Construction of the Century” and has become quite a tourist attraction since it was built in 2009.

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Where is Norway located?


Why don’t they build a bridge from Alaska to Russia?

No. The Bering Strait ice is the only thing that connects Russia to Alaska . The seas are stormy up north. Building such a bridge would not be feasible, nor make economic sense.

Are they building a bridge from Alaska to Russia?

The Bering Strait tunnel was estimated to cost between $10 billion and $12 billion, while the entire project was estimated to cost $65 billion. Shortly after, the Russian government approved the construction of the $65 billion Siberia- Alaska rail and tunnel across the Bering Strait.

Is a transatlantic tunnel possible?

The April 2004 issue of Popular Science suggests that a transatlantic tunnel is more feasible than previously thought, and without major engineering challenges. It compares it favorably with laying transatlantic pipes and cables, but with a cost of 88 to 175 billion dollars. Norway

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